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Manalco Power Conversion is a leading specialist in the sales and service of power protection equipment. We deliver expertise for every stage of a power systems’ life cycle from system design consulting to power protection equipment sales, technical field services and on-site repair services.

Our extensive industry experience in servicing and monitoring power protection equipment ensures optimum performance, reliability and safety to your power systems, improves your equipment life and increases its efficiency while lowering its operating costs.

In addition to our wide array of services that meets all needs from small to large enterprises and our solutions that are suitable for all equipment required to conduct critical operations, Manalco Power Conversion also provides software monitoring and remote control capabilities designed to streamline the power management process and maximize overall productivity.

To guarantee your power protection systems are expertly maintained on a regular basis and available whenever it is required, Manalco Power Conversion offers one of the most comprehensive and cost effective service plans for uninterruptible power systems (UPS), battery backups and DC plant systems.

Battery Services

Battery Services

Battery service is a crucial part of any UPS maintenance program. Manalco Power Conversion provides UPS battery service plans to deliver optimum performance and longevity to maximize your system uptime.

Our UPS battery services encompasses all battery needs throughout their lifespan from testing, disassembling, removal and proper disposal of batteries to new battery installation and replacement of defected batteries.

We offer regular inspections to detect early signs of battery failure or deterioration as well as monitoring of battery performance to ensure that the battery system will be able to meet power demands at all times.

Our UPS battery services includes battery recycling designed to help protect the environment and remain in compliance with all health and safety program.

Through our NGO Beeatouna, Manalco Power Conversion manages the safe and environmental disposal and recycling of batteries while satisfying all national and local regulations and requirements.

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Battery Maintenance

As an experienced service company, we recognise that a quality battery is critical to safeguard your power systems and prevent premature failure.

To get superior battery performance, Manalco Power Conversion offers turnkey battery maintenance service plans. Our stringent ongoing maintenance program provides diagnostics such as regular inspections, adjustments and testing of UPS batteries, monitoring and thorough records of all readings, that helps extend battery lifetime, detect potential problems before they occur while minimizing the risk of your system downtime.

Ups Maintenance services

Ups Maintenance Services

Manalco Power Conversion offers a variety of UPS maintenance service plans to ensure system reliability and protect your mission critical loads. With a comprehensive service coverage tailored to customer’s needs, Manalco Power Conversion is positioned to provide the highest level of power protection. Our service plan delivered by a qualified and experienced team of field engineers and technicians includes:

- Full corrective and preventive maintenance including materials, labor and expenses, warranty, guaranteed response times and field technical services - Onsite and emergency services support through our 24x7 dedicated hotline and dispatch center, Services include supply, installation and a commissioning works on a turnkey basis as well as onsite

- Inspection and testing of UPS systems and periodic maintenance and warranty

- UPS remote monitoring and diagnostic service with real time access to UPS operation Information and site service activity over web and alarm notification via SMS or email

- Spare Parts and 24/7 Repair and replacement services provided by our factory trained technicians, as well as UPS rental services

- Eligibility for discounts on non-contract services to our preferred customers

Manalco Power Conversion offers the flexibility to choose the service agreement level needed to meet all requirements thus offering one of the most reliable and cost-effective UPS service plans available in the industry.

DC Plant services

DC Plant Services

Manalco Power Conversion provides DC power plant services to ensure your DC Power system keeps running efficiently and effectively. Our technical expertise and professional services incorporates installation, testing and periodic monitoring of system performance to boost your plant operating reliability.

We conduct preventive maintenance plans on a variety of DC power systems from batteries to rectifiers and other peripheral equipment to identify and correct potential problems before they occur. During preventive maintenance, our field service engineers perform a complete check on system components, to identify and correct potential problems such as hot spots or overheating caused by load imbalance or loose connections thus increasing MTBF.

Ups Cost effective solution

Ups Cost Effective Solution

Uninterruptible power supplies are used to provide clean and continuous power to your load and to safeguard your data during a blackout. In today’s busy office environment, offering a reliable and consistent power supply is an obligation that businesses cannot afford to compromise. Most daily work is performed or supported using computer servers, network switches, routers, and storage systems that all require high availability of a trustworthy power source. Unexpected power loss and unpredictable power fluctuations can result in billions of dollars losses. Uninterruptible power supplies are a key solution to protect your equipment from power fluctuations and power outages thus preventing costly downtime.

Manalco Power Conversion provides a wide range of UPS designed to supply reliable continuous power to a variety of applications from home offices, telecom, data center, industrial, and healthcare. Installing UPS system is crucial to achieve high system availability while simultaneously saving money. Moreover, the use of a highly efficient UPS units featuring superior performance and quality can keep your business running up, your data safe and reduce your power costs through improved energy efficiency.



MANALCO SOLAR provides a full array of solar photovoltaic (PV) services, including; engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance, project feasibility analysis, energy performance analysis, portfolio monitoring solutions, and long term performance guarantees